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Miralax in the News

Many of our patients have told us that they heard information about Miralax on the news. They had some questions and were looking for our feedback. Dr. Kressly published some guidance for you to view.
Many families saw information on the news that CHOP is doing a study about the safety of Miralax. There has been a "controversy" about the safety of the ingredients of Miralax for some time. However, there is NO data to support that Miralax causes trouble. In part, that's why CHOP is doing this study. To gather data and make sure our recommendations are based in science, not fear.

The chemicals in Miralax are called "PEG" or polyethylene glycol. These are pretty large molecules and PEG of similar molecular structure/size have been given intravenously to animals in research settings and the molecule is excreted into the urine completely unchanged. Miralax is not given IV, but taken by mouth, so we have no reason to believe it's changed in the gut either.

The controversy is really about lower molecular weight ethylene glycols (like antifreeze) that can cause harm. They can be found as contaminants in many things including foods and cosmetics. There is NO data to say there is signficant amounts of this present in Miralax.

Untreated constipation can cause significant problems including chronic abdominal pain and urinary tract infections. All medications have a risk/side effect profile as well as benefits. Many of the alternatives have problems that are more frequent than Miralax. If Miralax is working for your child, we recommend that you continue it.

However, the MOST important ways to treat constipation are diet and lifestyle. What does that mean? Lots of fiber and water in the diet. 5 servings of nutritious fruits and vegetables every day. Daily exercise (moving the body, helps the GI tract move.) And one of the biggest problems: TIME to allow the body to go the bathroom when you feel the urge. Rushing out the door 45 minutes after breakfast when your child begins to feel the urge, but you don't allow them time to go, teaches the child to not listen to body cues which then causes stool to back up.

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Please discuss this with your doctor if you have additional concerns.
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