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Kressly Pediatrics Birthday Trivia Answers!

Thanks to all of our families who follow us on Twitter and commented on our Birthday Trivia Questions! Keep reading to find out the answers and see how you did!

Q: Since before Kressly Pediatrics opened their doors in 2004, how do families begin their relationship with the practice?
A: Kressly Pediatric has had an online portal since before we opened our doors. We have been dedicated to using technology so families can conveniently connect with us and since day 1, all new families self-register on our portal. It frees up staff to answer medical questions and help you get the advice and care you need more efficiently.
Q: Which 2 of Kressly Pediatrics nursing staff have been with the practice since the very beginning?
A: Jane and Colleen were instrumental in helping to set up the practice and have been an integral part of the care team since day one. Kressly Pediatrics only has clinical staff so that everyone is in a position to answer your question and help you access great care.
Q: What year did Dr. Karen David join Kressly Pediatrics?
A: After almost two years of flying solo, Dr. Kressly was thrilled to have Dr. David join the practice in August of 2006. Dr. David and Dr. Kressly have identitical medical training: Temple University School of Medicine followed by a pediatric residency at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children where they each spent an extra year as chief resident.
Q. What are the 2 things children love to get when they leave the office at Kressly Pediatrics?
A. No matter what age, pretzels and stickers seem to put a smile on the faces of our families as they leave.
Q. What occurred in 2009 that changed forever the way Kressly Pediatrics handles flu vaccine?
A. October of 2009 was the H1N1 flu outbreak and Kressly Pediatrics needed to get creative to find a way to get lots of patients protected quickly. 2009 was the first year we started holding Saturday flu clinics and allowing families to self-schedule an appointment after receiving an email blast from our practice. Using technology to it's fullest is one of our core values.
Q. What color might you find a lot of in our office on fall Mondays?
A. GREEN! Yes, EAGLES green!. Kressly Pediatrics supports the Philadelphia Eagles on game days and celebrates wins. (And Dr. Kressly, who has season tickets is often tired and hoarse the next day!) Go BIRDS!
Q. How many front desk staff does Kressly Pediatrics have?
A. This is a trick question! The entire practice team at Kressly Pediatrics is nursing trained. We don't have non-clinical staff in our office. You will see our nursing staff at the front desk, answering the phone and taking care of patients. We intentionally created a model where everyone has the ability to answer your questions or provide care.
Q. What recognition did Kressly Pediatrics achieve starting in 2011?
A. In 2011, Kressly Pediatrics was among the first pediatrics practices in the country to be recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home by NCQA. We have maintained our commitment to the program ever since.
Q. Why does Kressly Pediatrics have a special fondness for Temple University?
A. Drs. David, Kressly and Mahoney all attended Temple Medical School.
Q. What exciting event happened to Kressly Pediatrics in February of 2013?
A. Dr. Sharon Sowinski-Mueller joined Kressly Pediatrics and brought her passion and pediatric expertise to the KP team!
Q. Why does the Kressly Pediatrics office look like the beach?
A. Dr. Kressly's favorite relaxing place is the beach so she decided to create a fun, relaxing environment for children of all ages. Everyone loves flying the seagull in room 1!
Q. What can young children expect to leave with (besides up to date immunizations!) for their birthday checkups at Kressly Pediatrics?
A. Birthday prizes! A 1 year old might leave with a board book, a 2 year old with a ball and older children trucks, puzzles, bubbles, games and more!
Q. Which of the doctors at Kressly Pediatrics still has a child in elementary school?
A. Dr. Sowinski has a daughter in 3rd grade who loves hip hop dance. Dr. Mahoney has 2 children in college, Dr. David has one in college, one in medical school and one gainfully employed! (Dr. Kressly's children are grown and flown!)
Q. What is a recurrent message on social media from Kressly Pediatrics on weekends and holidays?
A. Please don't go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department without first reaching out to the doctor on call. You are NOT bothering us. We would prefer that you speak with us so we can give you informed advice which may include meeting you in OUR office!
Q. Who was the Summer of 2019 Kressly Pediatrics corn hole champion?
A. The "Drs. Mahoney" (Dr. Maria Mahoney's husband Jim, is also a physician) smoked the rest of the Kressly Pediatrics couples at a summer picnic.

Thanks for getting to know us better and for giving us the opportunity to serve the families of our community for the past 15 years!

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