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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Kressly Pediatrics source for what you need to know about coronavirus (COVID-19) and our practice.
5/21/20 We are gearing up to increase well visits over the next 3 months. Please read our information to ensure everyone's safety:!

5/14/20 You may have heard about  COVID-19 and Pediatric Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome. We are certainly getting questions from parents. First, it is important to note that this is a rare condition and most children with COVID-19 have a very mild illness or no symptoms at all. In NY and other places where there have been far more concentrated cases, there have been clusters of affected patients and the doctors who are seeing these ill children want to make others aware so we can make sure that those children get appropriate care as we learn more about this together.

Secondly, these children are ill. They have prolonged high fevers, are acting ill and we hope that you would reach out to us if your child is experiencing significant illness symptoms. We are able to connect with you via a Telehealth visit or in person (in our parking lot in your car) if it is warranted. If in the last few months your child had a funny rash, or fever for a few days and recovered, rest assured this was not this Kawasaki like condition. You do not have to worry about undiagnosed symptoms that may have worrisome consequences.

Once again: if your child has symptoms such as high fever, acting ill, not drinking well: don't just head to the ER where they may be unnecessarily exposed to possible COVID-19 patients, call us first so we can provide the most appropriate care. After hours? Call the main number and choose the prompt to connect to the doctor on call.

5/9/20 Many families have been asking about antibody testing. While there are several labs performing antibody testing, there are signficant concerns about errors in the test results as well as the optimal time to get antibody titers. We do not want our families to be making their health decisions based on information which is unreliable. We will be making individual decisions with families as appropriate.

5/5/20 We are available to connect you with the most appropriate care: in person or via Telehealth. Our doctors are available when the office is closed to also answer your questions and provide appropriate care. 
We thank you in advance for your understanding as we have been moving appointments (unfortunately sometimes more than once) as we adjust our office schedules to make sure our patients can receive the safest care possible. We are starting to plan for the next 3 months and will make accomodations to keep all of our community as safe as possible. Thanks for working through this with us! We will make it through together.

4/23/20 We continue to offer in-person and telehealth visits for our patients.. Contact our office for an appointment. PLEASE keep your immunization appointments. It's very important that we don't have a secondary outbreak of a vaccine-preventable illness during this public health emergency. 

4/14/20 Please know that COVID-19 testing for current illness or antibody protection is not available in our community for children. The only children who are being tested are those who are ill enough to be hospitalized. If your child has symptoms, make them comfortable, contact our office for any needed advice and/or make an appointment for Telehealth to address your concerns.

4/5/20 In an abundance of caution and following the CDC recommendations, effective 4/6 Kressly Pediatrics asks that all of our patients (older  than 2 years of age) who visit our office (for well and sick visits) and any accompanying caregivers wear a cloth face covering. 

In addition, we continue to see only well visits in the morning with our well team, wearing personal protective equipment including N95 masks and gloves. We use dedicated well rooms with a dedicated well entrance, no waiting room, and clean each room between patients. Please keep your well visit appointment if you are well so we can keep our community healthy and safe. We confirm well visits in advance and remind parents to call us and cancel if there are any signs of illness in the parent and child or known COVID-19 exposure. 

We continue to care for children who have chronic conditions and sick children finding the most appropriate case to provide care including telehealth,a parking lot/car visits and in office sick visits (back entrance, dedicated rooms, sick team and full PPE.)

Thank you for joining our Kressly Pediatrics team in our efforts to help our community flatten the curve.

3/30: In order to maintain the safety of our office, our patients/families and the community, we continue to divide the office into a well team and a sick team. It is especially important that infants keep their well visits and get immunizations on time. We don’t want to have an outbreak of measles or another preventable illness during this time when hospitals are trying to prepare for a surge of ill COVID-19 patients. We are confident that our office remains a safe place to receive appropriate care. 

Please call us first before going to any urgent care or the emergency room. Let us help you pick the safest place for care, as the urgent care or ER may increase your family’s risk of exposure.

As we anticipate this may last more than a few weeks, we continue to use protective equipment, separate out sick and well patients, separate office teams and locations, and clean between each visit.

Our well team continues to see patients in the mornings using a dedicated well entrance (main). We have one doctor seeing sick patients in the office (non-respiratory illnesses entering through the back door) and using a separate wing of the office. The fourth doctor is doing telehealth remotely (not in the office) to minimize exposure and make them available to safely see well patients after appropriate time distanced/isolated.

ALL of our teams are wearing masks and gloves for all visits and thoroughly cleaning rooms between patients. The well rooms are in a separate part of the office from any sick patients brought in (without respiratory symptoms). Any patients with respiratory symptoms or exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19 are seen in their car in the parking lot with the doctor in full PPE (gowns, gloves, googles, N95 masks). We are encouraging telehealth visits whenever possible. 

We will continue to adjust our office protocols as necessary and as the cases in our community change. Thanks for helping the Kressly Pediatrics team to serve our patients safely as we get through this crisis together. 

Reminder: Please register your children by downloading the Anytime Pediatrics app from the app store (we are office 5520) OR visiting this site:

3/25: We continue to see only well visits in AM in gloves/masks as extra precaution with the "well team." Sick visits are available via telehealth, in the office for non-respiratory conditions and in the car/parking lot for any patient with respiratory symptoms (and the physician wearing full protective gear including masks, goggles, gloves and gowns.) Call us first! We are here to help you!

3/22: Starting 3/23 we have split the office into 2 teams: Well and Sick including doctors and nurses so we decrease the risk of exposure. 

WELL VISITS: please keep your appointment. Bring only the child with an appointment and one parent (feel free to have the other parent join the conversation on speaker phone). AND if YOU DON'T FEEL WELL DON'T COME. Please call us to reschedule. 

SICK VISITS: All sick visits will be screened by the nursing team and then rescreened by the doctor to decide whether the visit is necessary and/or can be accomplished via Teleheatlh. Please register your children by downloading the Anytime Pediatrics app from the app store (we are office 5520) OR visiting this site:
We look forward to meeting you where you are to provide the care you need!
Concerns about food safety, shopping, eating take out? Check out this resource. 

3/21: TELEHEALTH: Check your email sent late 3/20 with instructions on how to register your children for Telehealth. We encourage you to make an account so we can expedite an appointment if appropriate. Our team is scheduling telehealth visits after we speak wtih you to determine if it is appropriate (including after hours.) We continue to have office hours and we encourage you to keep your well appointments (only WELL visits in the AM) and call us for advice. Please portal message us or call the office during weekday AFTERNOONS if you did not get the email and therefore are not on our email list.

3/20: GET READY FOR TELEHEALTH!  OFFICE REMAINS OPEN: WELL in AM, SICK afternoon, NO evening hours. Expect an email in the next 24 hours on how to register your children for Telehealth. We encourage you to register and download the app so you will be ready to connect with us when you need us! We will still be answering your questions by phone and then scheduling telehealth visits where appropriate. We want to meet you where you are to give the care you need!

COVID19 and Ibuprofen: 
Information from France is suggesting that Ibuprofen may not be best for those with coronavirus infection.  This information is anecdotal and has not been supported by any other country, even those with more experience with coronavirus such as China and Italy.  So what should you do?  Remember why we give fever-reducers.  We give them so children can be comfortable enough to drink and sleep.  If Tylenol gives your child significant comfort, then stick to Tylenol.  If Tylenol does not allow your child to drink  or sleep, then please give Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil.) The real risk of dehydration is a more significant factor than a possible risk from Motrin. 

EFFECTIVE 3/18: There will be NO evening office hours and office team will be wearing masks for sick visits.

EFFECTIVE 3/17: We will be doing WELL VISITS ONLY in the AM and SICK ONLY after lunch in order to reduce spread. 
Whenever possible please ONLY bring the child who is having the appointment and ONE parent. TY!

Remember children with coronavirus generally have MILD symptoms but it is important to keep them from spreading to the more vulnerable people in our community. Social distancing and handwashing are key. If your child is having respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat) but is not experiencing any distress it is best to STAY HOME! 

How can we get through this together?
1. We are continuing to conduct well visits as it is important to keep your children up to date on vaccines and other well care to keep them safe and healthy. If you have a well visit, we may be asking you to move the time to separate sick from well children in our office. In addition, whenever possible please only bring the patient being seen and one parent.

2. If you know your child or you has been exposed to a confirmed case of coronavirus or you have traveled to one of the high risk countries, please DO NOT WALK INTO OUR OFFICE. (We need to keep our staff safe so we can continue to provide care.) Instead, call us at 215-343-5520 so we can give you appropriate advice. 

3. We are continuing to provide sick visits for patients that need our attention. If you think your child has strep throat or a skin infection or some other illness requires our care, please call the office and speak with our team. 

4. If you have questions that are non-urgent, feel free to send to the appropriate doctor via your portal login. 

5. If you are worried and want your child tested for coronavirus: THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE currently. As testing is still limited, only patients who have symptoms including trouble breathing AND known travel or exposure to a confirmed case are being tested. 

6. We are working on setting up Telehealth to peform some virtual visits so stay tuned.

COVID-19 Basic Facts:
Viral illness: fever, cough, difficulty breathing; symptoms can be mild to severe
Spread: person to person, through respiratory droplets; new cases are emerging showing community spread meaning no known contact with an infected person and no recent travel to endemic areas
Testing: there is no currently available in office testing; suspected cases are being referred to the state public health department for testing
Treatment: current treatment is supportive care; rest, fluids, antipyretic medications; it is not known if current anti-viral medications are effective against COVID-19.
When to call the doctor: if you are having significant shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or fever for more than 4 days, contact us.

For more information on COVID-19 the CDC has constantly updating information. 
For information on how the COVID-19 compares to influenza, Johns Hopkins has good informaton here.

Some practical tips for reducing spread of all viral illnesses:
1. Good handwashing is key!
2. Stay home if you feel ill and let your body recover. Children should not return to school/daycare until they have been fever free (without use of medications) for 24 hours in order to protect the other children in the class.
3. Healthy eating, exercise and adequate sleep are all cornerstones of staying healthy!
4. The use of "masks" in public does not keep you from picking up respiratory illnesses. Masks can help (but not completely prevent illness) protect those around you if you are sneezing/coughing.

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