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ALL are welcome at Kressly Pediatrics. Let's address racism together.

Kressly Pediatrics joins the American Academy of Pediatrics in condemning racism in all forms. We are deeply concerned about the effects of racism on children.

As pediatricians dedicated to the health and wellbeing of ALL children, we are worried and invite you to work with us to change the conversation and the culture of systemic racism. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a press release that Condemns Racism and Offers Advice for Families on How to talk to their Children.

The experts at Child Mind Institute remind us "Research shows that even very young children are aware of racial differences and children can learn harmful lessons about race when it's not discussed openly." By ages 2-4, children can internalize racial bias. Be part of the solution and teach tolerance, acceptance and love for ALL people, it's never too early. If you are white, acknowledge your own privilege and help your children understand that those who are not, do not have the same chances and are not treated equally in our society simply because of their race.

If you are looking for some good books to begin or continue the conversation with your children, we encourage you to check out these resources to explore age-appropriate written works that support conversations on race, racism and resistance. 

We applaud and endorse the efforts of organizations such as Embrace Race whose mission is powerful: "Let’s Raise a Generation of Children Who Are Thoughtful, Informed, and Brave About Race."


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